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Why you need systemic coaching as a Female Leader

What is systemic coaching? 

Coaches accompany people in their development in personal and or business matters. The coach is there with his toolset to help people open their mind to new possibilities and their own suitable way.

One thing is key: a coach has to be differentiated from a consultant, trainer, therapist etc. A coach doesn’t give you a prefixed solution you have to work off. A coach, like I am one, is there to help you find YOUR BEST WAY.

Systemic coaching assumes that everybody has already his/her perfect solution within. Therefore you only have to search and find it in yourself. It is all about developing your inner resources to exhale your performance – just like in sports.

Why is it called systemic?

When I say performance, it refers to every aspect of your life. V call it systemic coaching because you are a system in yourself – every cell of your body is connected and interferes. However, you are also part of one or more social networks: your family, your company, your team, your sports club, your friends‘ circle. If one of the subjects in this circle changes, this has an impact on all other people within this system and other connected systems.

You could think of it as a baby cot mobile (the thing hanging over the bed of babies which is in constant movement). Here is what happens, if one element is touched: all the parts are moving – just like in a social system.

Why is coaching important for me as a female leader?

Why am I sure, that coaching is helping female leaders? Because it is all about opening up new possibilities and getting what you want from life.

I think, V as women have sometimes the problem, that we work hard but don’t see the results coming along or that we have no feeling about how we could stand out in our jobs. Thus, coaching can help to find your very own way. It is time to listen to yourself, not only to others.

I want the superpowers of women to be visible for everybody!

Cheers, Katja

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